There have been a lot of great films with skin released on the third Friday in March over the years, including two of my own personal favorite films! Let's take a look back at the best films released on May 15 in Movie Nudity History!

2015: Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the towering cinematic achievements of this decade, George Miller's triumphant return to the franchise that made him famous delivered its best entry ever with this absolutely jaw-dropping thrill ride! Perhaps the only thing the film doesn't have in excess is nudity, but we do get a nice look at Megan Gale's ass when she stands up to alert her sisters that Furiosa has returned...


2015: Animals

This harrowing drama about two drug addicts—Kim Shaw and Ant-Man's David Dastmalchian—does let up on all of the misery when, at the 81 minute mark, the two go skinny dipping with Kim hitting the water first and showing off her boobs and buns!


2009: The Brothers Bloom

Long before he created The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson was best known for his quirky indie movies that defied genre classification like this offbeat dramedy starring Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody as the titular siblings. 24 minutes into the flick, Rachel Weisz shows off her amazing ass in an open hospital gown!


2003: The Matrix Reloaded

On this day 16 years ago, you either had your heart broken by this supremely overhyped sequel or fooled yourself into thinking you liked it for several months until the even worse Matrix Revolutions came along and made it okay to hate these sequels. One of the biggest things people couldn't stop talking about in this first sequel was the underground rave/orgy scene where we got a brief look at Carrie-Anne Moss' buns as she and Keanu got busy in a secluded part of the cave!


1998: Lawn Dogs

Long before he was universally adored, Sam Rockwell loved playing social misfits as he does in this small town drama from director John Duigan (Head in the Clouds). 21 minutes in, we get Angie Harmon's only nude scene on film as she hooks up with Rockwell and the two get caught by a girl spying on them...


1998: The Climb

Also on this day 21 years ago came this Baltimore-set bildungsroman about the unlikely friendship between a young boy and cantankerous old man John Hurt! The film's best nude scene comes an hour and fourteen minutes in when the boy walks in on his neighbor, Sarah Buxton, in a compromising position with the local priest...


1987: Ishtar

Finally, one of the most criminally underrated comedies of all-time and the other one of my personal favorites along with Fury Road, Ishtar was released on this day 32 years ago, becoming an instant joke that persists to this day. You can't admit to liking Ishtar in mixed company because its reputation is so terrible, people assume it's a bad movie. 

None of that could be further from the truth. Admittedly if you're not intrigued by the notion of Elaine May writing and directing Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman as amateurish singer/songwriters with songs written by Paul Williams, this probably isn't the film for you, but anyone who is a fan of any of those four human beings should find something here to glom on to. 

Isabelle Adjani co-stars as a woman enlisting Hoffman and Beatty to help her cause despite their rampant ineptness at everything they do, but she does so by flashing her breast for Hoffman to prove that she's not, as he seems to think, a boy...


Seriously though, don't skip Ishtar just because you've heard it's bad. Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind! It definitely doesn't come together in the end, but ultimately it's much better than its reputation would suggest.