After last month's trippy sci-fi flick High Life, we've got another skin-filled sci-fi film hitting theaters just as that one's on its way out!


This Swedish sci-fi flick shows that Europeans are starting to do sci-fi better than Americans in one crucial regard: Nudity! This flick has a ton of nude scenes and the trailer also shows off a tease at a lesbian shower scene between Emelie Jonsson and Bianca Cruzeiro (below) both of whom are nude in the scene! Also, our Skin Skouts spotted something skinsational at the 58 minute mark...

A group of TEN WOMEN strip completely naked. We see their breasts, bush and buns. They include Emelie Jonsson, Bianca Cruzeiro, and Emma Broomé (The others could be Laila Ljunggren, Malin Olsson, Susanna Salonen, Unn Dahlman, and Cornelia Sjoblom). Jennie Silfverhjelm lies on the ground and opens her robe displaying her left breast. An orgy then breaks out. Some men get involved but mostly females. Doesn’t last long. 



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