Emily Ratajkowski has yet to prove herself as a leading lady on the big screen mainly because she hasn't really had the chance. The new film Lying and Stealing is giving her the chance to step into the spotlight and see if she's got what it takes to carry a movie. 

Taking more than a few cues from 2015's Focus, this flick finds high class con woman Emily partnered with con man Theo James in a working relationship which is mutually beneficial. Of course, things get complicated when a blossoming romance between the two is on the table!

Hopefully Emily will follow in Margot Robbie's footsteps and get nude in this flick, something Emily did with little hesitation in Gone Girl. Granted this may seem like a bunch of random heist movie clichés all thrown together and to that I say, "Yeah, but Emily Ratajkowski's in it." That's really all that matters in the end. 

Lying and Stealing swindles its way into theaters on July 12.